Welcome To St Bernards

Revd Dee Priest in Charge

Hi, my name is Revd Denise Jones aka Dee, Priest in Charge or Vicar. I am married to Revd Nigel Jones who works with me as support Clergy.

I arrived at St. Bernard’s parish in October 2015.  I am also Senior Chaplain at Birmingham and Women’s Children’s Hospital. I was ordained in 1998 after a Damascus road experience – my life was completely turned upside down! I began to feel a calling to the priesthood almost immediately after my conversion to Christ; after all, I thought, if God can make such a wonderful and miraculous difference to my life then I know He can make a difference to other people’s lives too.

Revd Dr Nigel Jones Support Clergy.

It was a long journey but with the encouragement and support of my local church, family and friends I was able to fulfil what God has called me to do. My background and training are in psychology, counselling and bereavement work and this has equipped me well to support many people who have experienced the death of a loved one.

I work closely with those who have experienced a miscarriage or the loss of a baby. I am passionate about my work and passionate about bringing God’s love and care to all I meet. St. Bernard ‘s church is a wonderfully friendly church. I feel very blessed to have been called to be their Priest in Charge.

My vision is that God’s love will reach out throughout the parish and community bringing new hope, new life and new strength to all who attend. Whether you are an established Christian or someone who is searching for new meaning in life why not give God a chance?

Our services are friendly and relaxed with contemporary modern and traditional hymns. We welcome children and families and those seeking baptism and confirmation. We have seasonal bible study and fellowship groups and many social activities throughout the year.